Our well-trained inspectors located in key production locations across the Faisalabad carry out on-site consumer product inspections to allow you to cost-effectively get a clear picture of the production status, product quality and other key factors affecting the delivery of your purchasing orders for products Such as:Garments products.

On-site inspection efficiently delivers objective analysis and qualitative review of the product quality to buyers, removing the need as well as time and cost implications of travelling to carry out inspection by themselves.


Trail Run Report

PP MEETING: Also called initial production inspection, takes place before production begins. By checking the incoming quantity, quality, styles, and other details of raw materials, as well as production equipment, it ensures your production starts in the right place.

During Inline Audit: Ensures your production is taking place properly, and you will receive products that match the samples you have approved. During the inspection, we can also perform sample picking and on-site basic product testing. In addition, we offer Inline Inspection that provides extra assurance in relation to product quality.

Final Audit: Is performed when 80% or more of the production is completed. This is a great opportunity to look into the quality, conformity, compliance and other attributes of the products before they go into shipping containers.